World Class Organisation

Our world class status is built around vision, strategy and people. It is a recognition that our members are vital for our high performance and success.

Global Leadership

We forge global partnerships, that aim to build bridges and prepare youth as they take up the mantle to tackle the challenges confronting the world

Strategic Planning

Our students abide by our philosophy of 'thinking things into reality'. Make choices, recognise risk, confront uncertainty and increase the likelihood of success.

Scarlet41 (S41) strictly adheres to our slogan which pledges to create meaningful partnerships that empower lives. We offer students a hand crafted experience that cultivates within them a burning desire to learn, experience and engage. We work with youth across the board to energize, vitalize and empower their ambition and appetite for practical executive learning beyond the traditional classroom.

Our focus on practical executive education enables our students to disrupt the status-quo and introduce a new theoretical persuation. We encourage our students to do away with societies labels which limit their ultimate potential and cloud their own view of themselves and their worth to a society which they are poised to lead. S41 offers the real world of opportunity and strives to build confidence, capacity and decision-making.

Social Enterprise & Innovation

We inspire members to develop and grow social enterprises. We offer an innovative and global curriculum that is custom built to their individual needs

Teaming & Consensus

Diversity brings dynamism. We encourage our members to be disputive thinkers to the status-quo, through mutual discussion and debate.

Change Management

The most desired skill set in the global marketplace. We train our future leaders to understand the facets of effective fiscal, projection & team management

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Our Staff & Volunteers

Our network of astute and well rounded young adults are second. We strive to be at the forefront of global youth affairs, capacity building and the creation and enabling of a pool of talent for the future, which they are poised to lead.

  • Natalia Henderson
  • Gabriel Ragout
  • Lyndell Nelson
  • Kimberley Leequay
  • Shanelle Almandoz
  • Issiah Shalto
  • Brandon Joseph
  • Chris Toussaint
  • Richard Goyrie
  • Darnell Sookoo
  • Vance Nakhid
  • Jahmai Welch
  • Kelly Lambert
  • Walid Ahelluc
  • Ernst Graf
  • Lore Smets
  • Camiel de Graaf
  • Ladislau Berindei